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So, the script for J.K. Rowling’s play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, billed as the eighth Potter story, was released on July 31st.  Naturally, I and the world and his dog rushed to pick up a copy.  Here are my thoughts.  I should point out that I have not seen the play, worse luck, and am going from the script alone.  Note that there will be total and complete spoilers, which I will hide after the cut.

First, the non spoilery section. There was a lot I loved about it, and some things that didn’t work nearly so well for me.  I loved that the same themes that pervaded the book series – love, friendship, family, loyalty – still form the core of Cursed Child.  It was wonderful seeing how Harry, Ron and Hermione coped with adult life and parenthood (being an adult myself, it was especially fascinating.). The new characters, Scorpius and Albus and their friendship are completely adorable – Scorpius really does get all the best lines.  And, naturally, it is simply wonderful to revisit the Wizarding World in any shape or form.  Rowling’s world is utterly breathtaking.  I really wish I could see how certain scenes played out on stage.

What I didn’t enjoy so much were certain plot points.  I didn’t feel they gelled too well with what we know about the Wizarding World and the characters in it.  Some character development points I didn’t feel worked too well in a play setting.  They might have worked better for me in novel format with more space to expand and develop them.  Also, while it’s not necessary to have devoured Pottermore, certain interactions do have much more meaning if you are aware of some of the character’s backstories.

All in all I enjoyed Cursed Child and gave it four stars out of five.

Now, onto the spoilery section.


So, I have just finished reading A Memory of Light, the final book in the Wheel of Time. I thought the best way to review it would be to show and discuss the various texts I sent to my friend Natasha while reading. The texts were written as I was reading, the comments after I’d finished the book. I started reading from Chapter 3 as I had already read the prereleased prologue and first two chapters. There are of course spoilers for the entire book here. Proceed at your own risk:

Random thoughts

Surprised how much impact Moraine had on the negotiations at the Fields of Merrilor. Thought her Crowning Moment of Awesome would be at the end at Shayol Ghul

Certainly, she did have a big influence on the discussions, and it’s true the Dragon’s Peace would have failed without her. However, I’m not certain these actions were worth Mat’s eye to save the world.

Elayne as Commander-in-Chief of Team Light? I think not.

Yes, I know she’s been trained in politics since she was a babe in arms, and I know there’s a precedent with Egwene as the youngest Amyrlin Seat ever, but really?

Hold on, Lan. Team Light is coming. Lan’s last desperate ride. Beautiful, just beautiful. “Malkier lives on this day” YESSSS!!!

For me this was one of the most beautiful and memorable sections of the book. It was wonderfully written and I’m so happy Rand finally got round to sending aid.

It appears Lan is the Aragorn of the WoT

I was referring to his stirring speech and valiant attempt to take a few Trollocs with him if he were going to die rather than retreat.

LOL Elayne and her bloody goat’s milk

This amused me, but it’s this kind of cosseting from her aides that made me doubt her suitability as Commander in Chief.

Am at a boring part. Lots of military and tactical planning

I understand this is important, and starts to set up the Great Captains’ Compulsion storyline, but yawn.

Hah, the Dagger of Invisibility makes an appearance

Many fans speculated this would be important when Aviendha identified it several books ago. Well spotted.

Heh heh, Uno and his swearing

Nice to see you, Uno :o)

Oh crap, the first Dreadlords have just turned up.

At this point they didn’t really do a great deal.

Hmmm, apart from Dreadlords on the defensive, things seem to be going too well for Team Light. I fear the smelly brown stuff is going to hit the ventilator very very soon…

How right I was.

It’s fun spotting the Memories of Light. Came across a few already

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the Memories of Light, the little snippets released on a daily basis by Tor prior to release. They were a wonderful way of whetting the appetite and generating discussion without spoilers. Well done, Tor.

Aw Rand and Perrin’s final farewell

Rand has clearly come to terms with the fact that he is going to die.

Really enjoying the Black Tower storyline

Or to be more specific, Androl and Pevara. After goodness knows how many books, it’s good to finally start dealing with this storyline. I really enjoyed the character development of all of the major protagonists, Androl, Pevara and Logain. It was lovely to see Androl grow into his leadership role despite his lack of strength in the One Power and subsequent lack of confidence. I really felt for him early on when Taim removed his pin. Pevara too was also one of the least offensive Reds, and it was fun to see her loosen up and accept the new role of her Ajah. Logain’s dealing with the trauma of his imprisonment and near Turning was also well done.

You go Androl! Nice use of gateways

Androl is definitely one of my favourite new characters and I was fascinated by how he compensated lack of strength with creativity.

LOL Rand’s oneupmanship chat with Mat

“I’ll see your rescue of Moraine, and raise you one Cleansing” I enjoyed this bit of levity before things start to get really serious.

OK, pre-Battle crap is starting to get serious now

Team Dark has certainly upped its game this book. The Compulsion on the four Great Captains nearly winning the Last Battle before it even started was a master stroke. It also neatly sets up Mat’s role in the book. It did rather bug me though – I thought the Warder Bond was supposed to provide some sort of protection against Compulsion type attacks, although maybe I’m wrong. In any case, why didn’t Siuan at least suspect something was wrong?

Oh, Alanna, you stupid, stupid woman. You should have seen that development coming a mile off. In her shoes I’d have ditched that Bond five books ago and got the hell out of Dodge. And why didn’t Team Light have her under lock and key and 24 hour protective custody? Thank the Light superhealer Nynaeve is on hand

It didn’t take a lot of imagination to predict Alanna’s kidnapping. She has always been a real liability for Team Light and I’m surprised they didn’t take care of her sooner, especially when it was apparent the risk was far greater than the benefits Team Light received.

Déjà vu. “we need to make a desperate last stand to give Frodo… er, I mean Rand… time to do his thing”

Typical fantasy trope.

About to start the chapter entitled The Last Battle. I fear the body count is about to rise exponentially :o(

And I was right

Ah, I’d forgotten the Seals had been stolen

For me that was one of the first real “oh, crap” moments when Rand met with Egwene and realised Team Dark had stolen the Seals. It’s funny how, with so much else going on, i could have forgotten about that.

He could cut a Trolloc with a gateway at 300 paces, and summon fire from Dragonmount itself and he still wanted to carry a sword. It was a male thing she decided.” LOL

I adore Androl and Pevara and their strange double Bond. I could quite happily read an entire book of their adventures.

Sigh. Those fool-headed Trakand boys. As Leigh Butler said, bringing a knife to a global thermonuclear warfare fight indeed

So much for Gawyn’s promises to obey Egwene and stand in her shadow.

“Androl, you are wonderful..” Hear, hear. Gotta love a man who can destroy your enemies with volcano fire and then will go and make you a nice cup of tea. With honey of course.

LOL, well my husband has been known to make me a cup of tea, but I’ve not seen him bring down volcano fire on any enemies yet. I’m so glad both Androl and Pevara seem to have survived the Last Battle. I loved their relationship.

Oh damn, the Siuan/Bryne viewing is still pending despite the events of The Gathering Storm. I have a bad feeling about this….

Oh damn, poor Siuan. First of the major players to die :o(

I was sorry to see Siuan and Bryne die, and with such little page space too. She deserved better, much better.

Uh, oh. Pevara and Androl being dragged off to see Demandred. YOU KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY PEVANDROL YOU NASTY FORSAKEN, YOU!! Is it bad that I’m more invested in these two newish characters than in some of the original ones?

I’m so happy they got away.

Mother’s milk in a cup, Berelain, you’re a nurse in a field hospital in the middle of the Last Battle and you’re wearing a diadem?!?

I know it’s the symbol of your status, but really?

Huh. Surprised it took Team Dark this long to make a concerted effort to focus an attack on one of Rand’s lady loves

Team Dark is acting rather more effectively this book, but I would have thought they would have exploited this fairly large weakness.

And it looks as though Demandred is going for a twofer on Elayne’s brothers

Sigh, those two, what can you do?

Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about Faile and the Horne of Valere. Wish I could forget her sinking us into the Plotline of Doom for three books as easily

Faile was surprisingly not too annoying this book.

Wow, so Egwene Bonded Leilwin. Didn’t see that one coming

For me, this was definitely the weakest part of the book. Egwene’s overcoming her hate of Seanchan and trusting Leilwin enough to Bond her should have been a wonderful final character development for her, and it was botched. I appreciate there was a lot to fit into this book, but I do believe it could have been handled better.

Damn you Taim, leave my Androl alone!

Good man, Androl. Not only do you escape with a whole hide, but the Seals as well!

Classic! Androl is disguised as Nensen to get close to Taim, and Taim disguises “Nensen” as Androl to get close to Logain!

Nice fun moment in the middle of the chaos.

Aw, bless you Leane. Last Battle is raging around you and you have time to discuss cosmetics and seduction?!? If I liked you less I’d be annoyed.


Sigh. Only Aes Sedai could stick to the strength-in-the-power hierarchy in the middle of the Last Battle

Sigh, indeed.

Aw, go Talmanes, leading everyone in a rousing chorus of Jak of the Shadows as the world turns to custard

Reminiscent of earlier, less traumatic times.

Poor Olver, so out of his depth. Grudging respect for Faile for using herself as bait.

The whole Olver storyline – so beautifully written.

WTG, Androl, promoted to full Asha’man :o) But how in the Light did Logain come by the Seals, or did I miss something?

I really had a broad grin on my face for Androl when Logain promoted him, and was so happy for him. It’s really a bit strange to feel so delighted for a literary character, but it shows how well Brandon had done his job. I’d really felt for him earlier when Taim had taken his pin.

And yes, I had missed the point when Androl sneakily cut Taim’s belt with the pouch containing the Seals ;o)

Aw, no, not Bela the horse. Damn you, Team Jordan, she came through too much to end up in a Trolloc cook pot.

I suspect that this is the death which will cause the most adverse reaction from fans of the series. That horse saw more epic moments in her brief history than many of the other less main characters. Some people were even having fun speculating that she was the Creator’s avatar since she so often turned up just when a horse was needed.

Aw no, now Birgitte :o(

I guess that’s what you get for being at the last book of the series – all bets are off about character survival. And this is not even a George R R Martin novel!

Well played, Min, well played.

I have always considered Min one of the smarter characters in the series, and I enjoyed seeing her totally own Fortuona and browbeat her into helping Team Light.

Flame of Tar Valon. Cool weave, crap name

I imagine Brandon was trying to come up with a name reminiscent of balefire hence flame, but Flame of Tar Valon just didn’t work for me. I really liked the concept though, and I don’t agree with some fans who complain Egwene just pulled this out of the hat at the last minute. Throughout the series she has been shown applying logic to weaves to extrapolate new ones, and she did test the FoTV in miniature earlier.

Goodbye, Egwene, Amyrlin Seat. Sorry to see you go, but a fitting end. One more Chosen down

I was sorry to see Egwene go, but repairing the Pattern, taking out the bulk of the enemy Dreadlords and a Chosen does seem a fitting end. Of all the main characters, Rand excepted, she seemed to have the least planned post Last Battle. Nynaeve hopes for a future with Lan, Perrin wearing the Broken Crown of Saldaea with Faile, Mat dealing with the Seanchan and his marriage to Tuon. For the last few books Egwene’s main focus has been reuniting the White Tower and preparing it for the Last Battle, and she has completed that goal.

And Lan takes down Demandred. Lan has to survive to have babies with Nynaeve, doesn’t he?!?! Please?

Lan proves himself to be the badass sword fighter he is. This was a nice use of the fox head medallion to force a sword on sword duel without the Power.

Aw Olver blew the Horn :o) Excellent! Birgitte remains a Hero of the Horn :o) Tearing up. Jain Farstrider came back for Olver as a Hero of the Horn

This, for me, was one of the most beautifully written and emotional parts of the book. Many fans had suspected that Mat’s connection to the Horn by his death at Rahvin’s hand and subsequent resurrection, but I hadn’t seen any speculation of Olver’s role.

Ah crap, Darkhounds. Come on wolves, we need you.

My bad. I forgot that even wolves fear to fight Darkhounds.

Heh, Hinderstap makes a cameo appearance.

This was a fun shootout.

Touching scene between Master Luhan and Perrin

This was a nice scene to show how far Perrin has come in his personal development.

Very clumsy resolution of the Massouri/Masema mystery

I didn’t really care about this particular mystery, and it was very clumsily written. It was as if Brandon had been told he had to include a resolution to this somewhere, and just couldn’t figure out where and how to stick it in.

Nice Thom/Cadsuane fakeout. I guess the Warder Bond told him it was a Black Sister


And Gollum, sorry Padan Fain approaches the Cracks of Doom, sorry Shayol Ghul. Better move your arses Mat and Perrin.

The parallels between Gollum and Fain have been long discussed by the fandom.

Heh, Mat on the raken. Hilarious!

Nice to get a last few moments of levity before the final push. But, Mat, if you’re married to the Seanchan Empress, better get used to those raken…

Excellent! Hero Wolves called by the Horn! But where is Hopper? He of all wolves deserves to be a Hero.

I do love the wolves, and Hero wolves are just a bonus. Good to see someone can take on the Darkhounds. I am disappointed Hopper wasn’t there, though. I got really attached to him after 13 books.

Lame end for Padan Fain. I guess it was foreshadowed. Slayer’s ending was more fitting

With hindsight, it seemed logical that Mat would be the one to take him out. However, it just seemed too easy; Fain has been a walking horror becoming more and more creepy as the books continued. I also wasn’t too happy with Mat’s exposition about how he realised he was immune to Fain’s miasma. That could have been handled better.

The Slayer/Perrin battle really couldn’t have gone any other way.

And there you have it, Rand’s true plan revealed. Well played, sir, well played. But Moridin was a lame villain at the end.

I was referring here to Rand/Moraine/Nynaeve’s use of Callandor’s flaw to trap Moridin. I had expected more from Moridin at the end though. He has been portrayed as a major villain throughout the latter half of the series and this was rather meh.

Sigh. I guess this is the book of Compulsion. Throw it off, Perrin, you can do it.

And of course, for love of Faile, he does.

And there you have it, the prophesied second time Perrin has to be there for Rand. Bye bye Lanfear and your puny Compulsion.

I was pretty happy with the way this one turned out.

Aw, Rand’s dead :o(


So Faile lives. I’ll grudgingly admit I’m OK with that.

Her actions saving the Horn of Valere grants her a pass in my eyes. I do admire her courage giving herself as bait to draw Team Dark away from the Horn. This is nice irony as she first met our heroes as a Hunter for the Horn!

Oooh is Birgitte being reborn as one of Melaine’s twins?

This was just a random thought I had.

Tearing up, Tam’s mourning over Rand’s body

This was so sad. It was nice that both Rand and Perrin had some nice moments with the father figures in their pre-Moraine life.

Hah. The Bond. I knew Rand wasn’t dead 😀 The prophesied body swap switcher. Alivia “will help you die” or fake your death at least. Another prophesy down.

This whole sequence was pretty well foreshadowed in hindsight. I would have liked a bit more detail on how Alivia accomplished the switcheroo, though.

Hah. Cadsuane Sedai as the new Amyrlin… Light help the White Tower!

Light be with you Aes Sedai. You’re going to need it…

Nice ending for Rand and his harem

This was another of the most beautiful parts of the book. I hear this was written by Jordan, not Sanderson.

“There are no endings, and never will be endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was AN ending.

The end of the Last Book of the Wheel of Time.

Aw. Sniff. It’s the end of an Age. Despite assertions to the contrary from Jordan, many people speculated that this would be the last turning of the Wheel. However, it’ clear that the Wheel keeps turning. It seems clear that, although Rand resealed the Bore as good as new with a blend of saidin, saidar and the Dark One’s own Power, there is a new weakness at the place where Egwene strengthened the Pattern with the Flame of Tar Valon. That will be the new point of the Bore in a future age.


From some of my comments, you may have thought I was unhappy or disappointed with this book. Far from it. I felt it was a fitting and appropriate ending to the saga of the Wheel of Time.

Among the many highlights for me were Lan’s storyline, Olver’s new role and the conclusion of Rand’s tale. All of these sequences were beautiful, exquisitely written and emotionally satisfying.

I also really loved the characters of Pevara and Androl – it’s been a while since I’ve felt so invested in literary characters. Often I felt more invested in their relationship than in many of the main characters. Real kudos to Brandon. I enjoyed the real character development of these two. The whole Black Tower storyline was a joy to read.

The fact that Team Dark finally brought its A game to the table this book was much appreciated. This was the first time I felt that Team Dark was actually in with a chance to defeat Team Light. Graendal’s efforts in particular were a master stroke.

Having said that, I was unhappy about certain aspects of the book. One of these was Egwene’s character development and her relationship with Egeanin. Egwene’s long-standing, bone-deep hatred of the Seanchan was dealt with far too quickly and easily. This should have been built up better.

Another aspect I didn’t feel came off as well as the authors perhaps hoped was the battle of wits between Mat and Demandred. I have the impression that this was intended to be a chess match between Grand Masters, but it didn’t quite come off. I’m also not sure if it was intended to be like the battle at Falme where the physical battle mirrored Rand’s battle with Ishamael in the sky, but I didn’t see that.

All in all, I was delighted in how this book unfolded, and give great kudos to Team Jordan for a satisfying ending to one of my favourite series.

On the 8th of January, the fourteenth and final book in the Wheel of Time, A Memory of Light, will be released. It has been completed by Brandon Sanderson who was tasked with the commission after Robert Jordan's untimely passing. This is the third such book written by Sanderson.

I should preface this entry by noting that, while I am a big fan of the series, I am not a superfan who has analysed each and every word. I should also note that there may be some minor spoilers here based on the already published prologue and first chapters of the book, and also from Tor's "Memories of Light" snippets. I'm also assuming you have read all of the preceding books!

As at the end of Towers of Midnight, the Last Battle is imminent. I believe the LB will be fought on three levels: the physical, in the dream world Tel'aran'rhiod and with the One Power. This matches up well with the unique skills of our six heroes. For the physical we have Mat Cauthon, with the skills and knowledge of the best generals of the Age, Elayne with her political power as Queen of Andor and Cairhien. For Tel'aran'rhiod we have Egwene, the first Dreamer in many centuries and Perrin, Wolfbrother with extensive experience in the Wolf Dream. For the One Power we have Rand and Nynaeve, two of the strongest channellers of the Age. I am expecting the forces of the light to be under attack in all three areas. We have already seen hordes of Trollocs begin to attack and Taim has been preparing the Dreadlords to fight with the One Power for the dark side. We have not seen the dark side achieve much in Tel'aran'rhiod yet, but I imagine that will come; moreover, Perrin's nemesis Slayer lurks there still. There are still multiple prophecies left to be fulfilled, and while I hope we see their fulfilment, I hope Team Jordan also has a few surprises up its sleeve. I will try to gather my thoughts by character.

Rand has a Date with Fate at Shayol Ghul. Prior to this, he has to win the support of Team Light for his decision to break the Seals to the Dark One's prison. One thing to which I am looking forward is the conference at the Fields of Merrilor. One of the major gripes of the series is that the characters don't communicate vital information. I would hope that this conference will allow for good information sharing. That is a major advantage of Team Light; they actually trust and like one another. This is contrasted with the backstabbing and treachery of the Forsaken amongst one another. In this same vein, I believe that Team Light's ability to form circles will give them a decided edge over Team Dark. I hope that the spilt in Team Light to destroy or not to destroy the Seals will not last too long. It is also a tempting target for any Team Dark assault… Rand must also try to broker a deal with the Seanchan – the Dragon's Peace referred to in Aviendha's future vision. One aspect I'm keen to see unfold is the discrepancy between the Randland and Seanchan prophecies about whether Rand will bow to the Empress or vice versa. I feel that will be key plot point, but I have no clue how this will be resolved. RaFO as Robert Jordan used to say.

Rand is also fated to die at Shayol Ghul. Several prophecies, Dreams and Viewings seem to indicate this. Rand/The Dragon is portrayed almost as a Christlike Redeemer figure, dying at Shayol Ghul. I believe that Rand will indeed die, but that in keeping with the theme and the foreshadowing of Nynaeve's Healing someone "three days dead" I don't believe he'll remain dead for good.  The Prophecies of the Dragon say Light is held before the maw of the infinite void, and all that he is can be seized.  I believe this could imply that Rand will be 13×13'd at Shayol Ghul and Alivia will have to kill him.   

In the mythology of the Wheel of Time, time is circular. in each turning, Aes Sedai drill through the Dark One's prison in search of a new power source and the Dragon has to reseal the Bore to reimprison the Dark One in his prison. As Robert Jordan chose to write about this particular turning, we can probably assume this one will be different. Rand has spoken of attempting to kill the Dark One this turning. At this point I have no clue how he intends to achieve that, although Callandor being used in a circle with Moiraine and Nynaeve would be a reasonable guess. 

Perrin's main plot point seems to be with the Wolf Dream and dealing with Slayer. In the Great Hunt Min has a viewing about Perrin that twice he would have to be there for Rand or something bad would happen. The first was clearly his assistance in rescuing Rand from his kidnapping by the Tower Aes Sedai at the Battle of Dumai's Wells. From the Memories of Light spoiler series we have this quote: "We must spread the word to all of our allies," Amys said. "We must not use this weave." and "Nobody travels the Ways," Ituralde said, aghast. I believe the first refers to the weave for Traveling: Male channelers describe the forming of a gateway with saidin as "boring a hole in the Pattern" to the channeler's destination. Forming a gateway with saidar is done by creating a similarity in the Pattern, then stepping through the gateway to the channeler's destination. It could be they discover that Traveling damages the already frail Pattern and cannot risk using it again. One property of Tel'aran'rhiod is that it is possible to enter it in the flesh to move quickly from place to place. This is precedented in Egwene's journey to Salidar to become the Amyrlin Seat for the rebel Aes Sedai. It seems very possible that Rand will feel obliged to use Tel'aran'rhiod to travel to Shayol Ghul or somewhere else and will be in grave danger. This could very well be the second time that Perrin has to be there for Rand.

Mat seems to have a busy time ahead of him. He has to deliver Moraine to Rand, fetch and presumably blow the Horn of Valere and act as Team Light's General in Chief and according to the synopsis, meet with Tuon again. Nicola Foretold The great battle done, but the world not done with battle. The land divided by the return, and the guardians balance the servants. The future teeters on the edge of a blade. This would suggest that even after the Dark One is defeated, there will still be battle especially with the Seanchan. This seems to tie in with Aviendha's harsh vision of the future. One of the key turning points of that vision is the death of Tuon. "The edge of a blade" would fit in with Mat's learning of assassination plots against her in the rereleased excerpt from chapter 11 of A Memory of Light. I expect then that part of Mat's plot line in AMoL will be attempting to defeat the assassins.

I think Egwene's storyline in AMoL will be connected to the Seanchan. She has had visions of being aided by a Seanchan, and now Eaganin has turned up in her entourage. Coincidence? I think not. I don't think Egwene will have anything to do with the Battle at Shayol Ghul but rather the Seanchan. She could have to try to work with the Seanchan to achieve the Dragon's Peace that so far Rand has failed to do. This would be a great character development for Egwene – ever since her imprisonment as a damane in The Great Hunt she has had an extreme hatred of the Seanchan. Overcoming that might be a greater challenge for her than undermining Elaida or fighting the Seanchan. As I mentioned above, her skill in Tel'aran'rhiod could well involve her working with Perrin to protect Rand in the World of Dreams.

Nynaeve clearly has to go to Shayol Ghul with Rand. The cover art says so, so there! Presumably she is one of the two women who link with Rand to use Callandor. There has been too much foreshadowing of her Healing death for her not do undertake this in AMoL, and I believe it will be for Rand.

I'm not sure what Elayne's role will be in AMoL other than to help convince the other rulers of Rand's plan at the Fields of Merrilor and use her political power to co-ordinate the defence against the physical threats of the Last Battle – the hordes of Trollocs etc. She also has to give birth to her twins, although I'm not certain that the timeline will go on that long. Elaida Foretold that someone in House Trakand will be key to winning the Last Battle, so either Gawyn or Elayne must play a critical role. I'm not certain what that might be though.

She will be the second woman to go with Rand to Shayol Ghul. She has to be the second woman to link with Rand to use Callandor. Whether or not this is enough to justify her description as "the woman without whom Rand would fail" and the "woman who will save the world" I'm not certain. Up until Gathering Storm I had thought it might be her role to bring Rand back from his self-imposed emotional exile, but that seems to have been accomplished by his epiphany on Dragonmount. I have no clue what other part she might play. I also have no clue on how Callandor will function as a key to winning the Last Battle.

Her major plot line has to be her attempt to prevent her vision of the Aiels' humiliation and destruction. Her initial thought is that that she needs to change the name of one of her kids as a start. I don't think she'll leave it at that. Of course she will need to have some alone time with Rand first to become pregnant in the first place… A second key point in the vision is the Aiel's not being committed to the Dragon's Peace. I imagine Aviendha will be instrumental in working with the Aiel to get their full commitment to their Car 'a Carn.

Demandred and the other Foresaken
Ah. Our old friend Demandred. He has been hiding in the background for all of the last few books and has generated much speculation as to his alias. I have no idea who he is hiding as, but I really hope he kicks some ass. Not that I'm on Team Dark, but given the incompetence of many of the other Forsaken and the long build up he'll need to really up the game to justify his existence. At this point, Team Light seems to be in a reasonably good position. Rand has got over his emotional issues, Egwene has reunited the split White Tower and purged many of the Black Ajah. Mat has rescued Moraine who is considered a key to winning the Last Battle. Team Light has plans to sit down and hold a conference to decide how to proceed. Of the Forsaken, only Demandred, M'Hael, Lanfear, Moghedien and Moridin are still alive and of whom Lanfear and Moghedien are under mind control and not able to act. I fully expect Demandred and Moghedien to come up with real and unexpected obstacles for Team Light in AMoL, although I'm a little concerned that there is already a lot to cover without new threats.

Taim and The Black Tower
This is another thread I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out. This appears to be one of the big chinks in Team Light's armour. I still cannot believe they are unaware that Taim has turned it into a Dreadlord factory with the use of 13 Dreadlords channelling through 13 Myrddraal. I'm sure Pevara and Androl and their double Warder bond will play a big part in this. I am concerned for Logain based on the early release chapters of AMoL. He appears to have been 13×13'd and although Min has predicted future glory for him, that doesn't necessarily mean glory for Team Light… Also, Egwene once had a dream in which Logain steps over what she believes to be Rand's corpse, sits on a throne and laughs maniacally, while Rand's corpse collapses into leaves. This would tend to suggest that Logain will not work for Team Light. I fully anticipate the Battle for the Black Tower will take up a fair chunk of the first part of the book. Androl for head Asha'man anyone?

The Gollum Wlldcard aka Padan Fain
Padan Fain has been described by Robert Jordan as something new to this turning of the Wheel and has been likened to Gollum of The Lord of the Rings. Brandon Sanderson has personally assured Jason Denzel of Dragonmount that Fain will NOT bite off Rand's finger and fall into a fiery chasm. One thing that struck me about Aviendha's future vision is that her sons and daughters are described as permanently connected to the Source, and there is no mention of any taint for wielders of saidin. I believe that Fain's role will be to absorb the Dark One's backlash as the Dark One is destroyed or reimprisoned thereby preventing the taint from corrupting saidin and/or saidar and avoiding a new Breaking of the world. The evil of Mashadar's negating the Dark One's touch has been precedented by the Cleansing of saidin and also of the sealing of Rand's wounds.

Other Characters
There are so many other characters who will have a part to play. The Aiel Wise Ones, Lan, Cadsuane, Alivia, Galad, Gawyn. I have no idea though what part they will play. I guess I'll have to RaFO.

In Summary
There are strong hints to the way some story lines may play out but I believe Jordan and Sanderson will have a few surprises in store. I can't wait to read it (or actually, listen to it as I've pre-ordered it on Audible)