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Hello, my name is Azrael. I am an archdemon and easily the most powerful character in a novel called “The Final Requiem.” You probably have not heard about the novel yet, and that is perfectly fine. The novel has not been published yet. The creator of my world, Joe Donahue, is looking to try to self publish the novel sometime in the next couple weeks. It is turning out to be a very exciting and stressful time for him.

It is turning out to be a very monotonous and boring time for me. He has been having me write a constant stream of these things he calls guest blogs so that you mortals can read them. It essentially amounts to me writing what I think about the book in the hopes that people will read it. Sometimes, if it is not for a blog that typically does book reviews, it will be me talking about whatever that blog usually talks about. The end result is always hoping that it will lead more people to read the book.

Personally, I think the fact that the book gives people the opportunity to bask in the brilliance that is me should be enough reason for people to read the book, but I guess Mr. Donahue wants me to do more so here I am. The topic of the book is the ongoing war that has been raging on between angels and demons in my world. It all goes back to when sin first came into being. That one, great moment, created gates between Hell and Earth. These gates have allowed us demons to be able to travel to Earth in our spirit form ever since.

We’re unable to take our physical form because the main gate between Hell and Earth is closed, for now. The presence of demons in spirit form, however, also permeated the world in dark magic that prevented the angels from taking their physical form as well. Well, we started doing what demons do best and used our cunning to find ways to interact with children in their dreams. Why else would you think an infant would have a nightmare without having knowledge of the world? We demons don’t get credit for the resourcefulness that we are truly capable of. Well, the angels did not like our direct interference in the slightest. Every time we assigned a demon to corrupt a child they would assign an angel to protect that child.

That leads us to the beginning of the story that Mr. Donahue has so excellently orchestrated, and I say that because he included me in it. Although it is not bloody likely that he could have told this story without including me. We demons became tired of not being able to take our physical form, so we chose a boy named Antonius to be our chosen one and told him he would be the one that would assist in opening the main gate between Hell and Earth and once and for all make it where we could take our physical form.

The angels chose a sniveling wretch of a human named Michael to be their chosen one. I will honestly never understand why Joe Donahue picked that vomitus mass to be the protagonist. The angels try to use Michael to close every single demon gate between Hell and Earth, removing the demonic presence and making it where angels can once again take their physical form on Earth. Oh what a joyous and happy ending that would be for them wouldn’t it?

Well, I hope this guest blog has given you some interest in reading the book that I take part in, “The Final Requiem.” The angels have their chosen one and are trying to close all of the gates and we have our chosen one and are trying to open the main gate. The only way for you mortals to find out what happens is for you to read the book once it is published. It should be available on CreateSpace and Kindle sometime in the next few weeks.

I would also like to thank the mortal that has given me the opportunity to post this guest blog here. It is much appreciated. If you enjoy this blog then you should take the time to read their blogs, their other guest blogs and the book reviews that inhabit this site.

All updates about the pending release of “The Final Requiem” will be placed on and on Twitter @JoeBrewing. Watch both of those locations regularly to find out when it will be available for download.