Kindle Fire HDX now available in Canada

Posted: October 17, 2013 in e-Reader Reviews
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So Amazon has finally released the new Kindle Fire HDXs internationally, including Canada.  It will ship in late November.  While it’s great that we only had to wait a month after our US cousins, I did notice however that one of the major new innovations for the HDX is not available in Canada – there is no mention of the MayDay button…  MayDay is available in the UK.  Presumably the French language requirement is preventing its being available in Canada.

There are still no movies available to Canadians, no Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and no Kindle Freetime, which is now being offered to other international purchasers.  Still at least we Canadians now have the opportunity to check out the device.  I will, of course, report back on it once I receive it.

  1. K.A Barnes says:

    When can we expect the Mayday service to come to in Canada? Seems to be an important feature to leave out, especially since I thought was offering this service Worldwide? Why can’t just link us to the same service? Doesn’t seem very forward thinking.

    • Hi, that’s a very good question. I suspect that it’s due to a French language requirement in Canada. I see MayDay is only being offered currently in the UK and the US, none of the other European countries seem to have it. My HDX is shipping now, so I should receive it tomorrow. If there’s any update I’ll let you know.

      • Hello, my Kindle Fire HDX arrived today. I can confirm that with my account linked to and not MayDay is not available. However, with it linked to even with a Canadian address I do have access to MayDay.

      • K.A Barnes says:

        Does that mean that you are able to choose whether it is linked to .ca or .com and can it be changed back again? If you can do this does it also affect amazon prime if you have it, so we can get movies, etc.

      • Yes, you need a US address to use .com initially but then you can change it back to a Canadian address. Sadly, it really doesn’t help for Prime and videos. You need an address in the US, a US credit card and to be physically in the US to take advantage of Prime. The only reason I’m on .com rather than .ca is that even with a Canadian address with .com you get the full audiobook integration which is very important to me.

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