Kindle in the Cloud

Posted: August 10, 2011 in e-Reader Reviews
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So, today Amazon announced the Kindle web based cloud reader.  Currently, it’s available for the Safari and Chrome browsers and the iPad.  It is interesting to note that this is not yet available for the Microsoft browser Internet Explorer.  This allows users to read and download their Kindle content directly from Amazon’s website without going through an app. 

Clearly, this is a hitback at Apple who last month forced Amazon to remove the link to the Kindle store from within the Kindle apps available on iOS and Mac.  By developing their own web based app and bypassing the Apple Store apps, Amazon is effectively giving Apple notice that they will not be bullied. 

Personally, I say you go, Amazon!  Now, I am a huge fan of both Apple and Amazon, but I really did not appreciate Apple’s tactics here, especially coming as it did after the e-book price fixing debacle several months ago.  Apple and Amazon both have an intensely loyal customer base, and with good reason. I am very happy to see Amazon defending its territory in this manner.

I am, and will remain, a loyal Amazon Kindle customer and look forward to see what innovations they come up with.  Now, if they will only let us manage our book Collections via this new Kindle in the Cloud I will be a happy bunny.


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